A World of Watersports – A Guest Post by Ben

The latest writer to guest post at Pulped Travel is Ben; a travel enthusiast and blogger at thewatersporter.com, a website dedicated to providing the best how to guides and buying guides for water sports enthusiasts.  In this article, Ben takes us through some of the best places on the planet to enjoy watersports, so sit back and immerse yourself in this aquatic adventure…


When it comes to recreation, travelling is definitely one of the best ways to have a thrilling and amazing time while we discover new places and sample different cultures.  We live in the age of Instagram and other social networks, where it is all too easy to catch the travel bug and wanderlust watching friends on their amazing holidays.  Some of us like to take city breaks, perhaps just laze by the pool, or find fun in extreme sports that provide them with that rush of adrenaline.  Some people, however, like to take part in watersports. Firstlly, don’t be put off by the equipment as a lot of watersports are very affordable and equipment hire is often available on location, making it simple enough to get involved. The next issue is where to go? Check out these top watersport destinations; great for your next adventure:



The land of kangaroos and extreme sports!  If adrenaline is what you’re looking for, then be sure to get yourself to some of the famous spots all around the stunning coastline of Australia. One of the best, Hamilton Beach (situated on Hamilton Island in Queensland) can offer you a number of great experiences ranging from paddleboarding to surfing and even scuba diving. As well as being one of the most popular spots for surfing, Australia has some of the best reefs in the world for those of us who enjoy exploring underwater, making it the ideal place to don the scuba gear!

United States of America


The US is not only vast but diverse, whether you want to go boating on the lakes or surfing on the beaches. No matter what you’re into, then California is a great option for you. There are a lot of places that this amazing state can offer in terms of water sports, and some of the most amazing beaches in the world. Kayaking tours on Lake Tahoe are definitely one of the best options available and are especially good if rapids are a bit too extreme for you.



Spain isn’t just famous for the bullfighting and Paella! When it comes to destinations for watersport fanatics, Cádiz is among the most amazing destinations and also homeland of World Windsurfing Championship, so if you’re planning on giving this thrilling sport a go, then Spain could be a perfect choice. There are a lot of areas in Spain where the sun shines for most of the year and though the tropical temperatures of some of the other destinations are hard to reach, there are plenty of beautiful days to enjoy a life on the water.



A popular destination with travellers, Thailand has a tropical climate, great value prices for food accommodation and activities and, of course, beautiful paradise beaches along its lush coastline! Its amazing coasts and striking sunsets act as the perfect backdrop to a number of great watersport activities in amazing destinations such as Kata Yai and Kata Noi on Phuket, where the surf spots are just mind blowing.   A picture perfect place, Thailand’s low prices mean you can also live a life relative luxury in this South East Asian stunner.

The Caribbean

Definitely one of the most popular places on peoples’ travel bucket lists; not only because of its excellent year round weather and famous rum cocktails, but the uniquely special places it offers to the watersports enthusiast. The Cayman Islands, in particular, are great for watersports due to the calm waves, but the vast majority of the Caribbean islands offer plenty in terms of watersports to ensure everyone has fun above and below the waves.

Ben (source – Author)

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