Beauty Beyond Bangalore – A Guest Post by Rohit

Rohit returns!  Following the success of his post about India’s Spectacular Sunrise Peaks, the Indian travel blogger is back with a post focusing on the southern Indian city of Bangalore (aka Bengaluru).  For more from Rohit, please check out his site TransIndiaTravels.


A pub city, IT centre, music empire and garden city are some of the different titles that are given to Bangalore.  And, it has lived up to these coveted titles.  However, all these are related mostly to the urban areas and within the city limits.  So, what about the places and in and around Bangalore.  This capital city in Karnataka has many beautiful places that are less known but are really worth visiting.

Each of these 5 destinations satisfies a desire to see and experience an opulent ambience, natural marvels, high adventure, picturesque locales and outdoor fun.

1. Manchinbelle

(source – BostonMA)

Located 36 km from Bangalore is the Manchibelle Dam.  If you are thinking for something to do in Bangalore at your weekends, you must go to this place.  Very few people may have visited this as it does not find a place in most of the travellers’ lists of places to see in the area.  There is plenty of scope for activities that are full of adventure at this place that is positioned at the foothills of the Savanadurga Forests.  You can go trekking, swimming as well as fishing.  It offers an ideal picnic spot too.  Visitors can spend a weekend here with family and friends amidst the serene lush green backdrop enjoying themselves to the full.

2. Skandagiri Hills

(source – Kalyan Kanuri)

What better place than the Skandagiri Hills do you have for a gorgeous getaway from the heat of hectic Bangalore?  Overlooking the Nandi Hills and situated some 70km from Bangalore, this little-known site makes for a perfect holiday spot for the adventurer and naturalist.  You can go trekking along the ridges and pass through the valley and take in the stunning view of the Deccan Plateau.  Gazing at the star-studded skies whilst lying back offers a wonderful experience in this part of Karnataka.  Then, follow this with the sight of the gorgeous sunrise accompanied by a wall of mist early the next morning.

3. Muthyala Maduvu Waterfall

(source – Lijo Jose)

Also, known as ‘Pearl Valley’, it is situated along the boundary of the Bannerghatta National Park.  This adventurous getaway may not be known to many but nevertheless you can expect to get all the fun as you would have from any other retreat in the region.  Enjoy this nature trip viewing the impressive sights and serene atmosphere of the verdant green valley.  At the base of this multi layered waterfall is a pond where you can enjoy the waters.  You may want to visit the Shiva Shrine in the vicinity too.  During the monsoon and after the waterfall is in its full glory so plan a weekend visit during this time to maximise your enjoyment.

4. Kokkare Bellur Bird Sanctuary

(source – Dineshkannambadi)

A jaunt to the sanctuary will be most appreciated by animal lovers, bird admirers and nature buffs alike.  Kokkare Bellur Bird Sanctuary attracts a small crowd but the great experience is worth the visit.  Painted stork, spot billed pelicans and other birds reside here.  You can witness the coexistence of the local villagers, who protect many of the endangered species here, and the birds in a beautiful landscape.  Interestingly, the bird droppings are converted by the villagers into manure offering them a sustainable living, using it on their land.  Whilst here, look out for migratory birds too!

5. Hesaraghatta

(source – HappyHorizons)

About 20 km from Bangalore is Hesaraghatta; a wonderful terrain and holiday site surrounding the artificial lake here.  An exciting way to explore the area is on two wheels where you can see migratory birds and see a modern Gurukul Nrityagram which is located nearby the lake.  Spice up your life with a visit here during festival times where you can enjoy the superb dances!  And, I think you should definitely visit Hesaraghatta with your partner, as it is one of the most romantic places around Bangalore.

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