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I have been travel writing for about four years.  I follow several people who write about and promote travel on social media yet I have not once met someone, face to face, who does the same as me.  So, when the opportunity came up to attend, holiday price comparison site,‘s Blog at the Beach event in Leeds, I snapped up the chance to take Pulped Travel out into the real world for the first time and press the flesh; armed with only my notebook, pen, a stack of business cards to dish out to all and sundry and a smile.

The hosts! (source –

The event hosts,, offer a range of package holidays from the leading travel companies to destinations around the world.  You can take your pick from city breaks, holidays in the sun, cruises and even trips to the slopes; for those looking for a winter getaway high in the mountains.  And, on meeting the staff from, at Blog at the Beach, it quickly became clear they have a genuine passion for and understanding of travel (a few of them even blog about it) and are keen to engage with those that share their interest. They appreciate the power and influence the blogging community has and make great pains to champion the work of those writing about travel; so it makes sense they should organise such a great event like Blog at the Beach.

Bloggers!  As far as the eye can see! (source – Pulped Travel)


Blog at the Beach is billed as an afternoon of networking, learning and fun!  With three speakers, from the blogging world, there to speak about ‘Bossing Instagram’, ‘Creativity for Bloggers’ and ‘Monetising your Blog’ this offered a great chance to get up close with a major player in the UK travel market as well as several experienced bloggers…not forgetting some great food and drinks too!  I was therefore, pretty excited and intrigued about what I could learn.  As a first timer, I really wasn’t sure what to expect, but what soon became apparent was the crushing realisation that I had, for four years, been operating in a bubble and if I wanted to develop and grow Pulped Travel I needed to do a number of things to the site; looking at how I reach out and promote the site and thinking more carefully about developing what I want the site to be.

Mike AKA Pulped Travel (source – Pulped Travel)

For me, Blog at the Beach has proved enormously helpful in giving me direction, a guiding post for Pulped Travel; this is alongside a real understanding of what I don’t want the site to become.  For both of these things, I am thankful.  I would encourage other bloggers to attend events like this to get a deeper insight into what you are doing well and find ways you can improve.  The opportunities that have opened up before me and potential I hope to realise from what knowledge I have gained at Blog at the Beach fills me with excitement…and dread; mainly because I’ve given myself a ‘To Do’ list as long as my arm.  Nevertheless, what really struck me about Blog at the Beach was not the plans I made for the site or the numerous tasks that lay before me, but the reminder that blogging is fun.  It is a chance to express yourself and inspire people about something you are passionate about.  So, thank you,!  I look forward to seeing you at the next one!

Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement or sponsored post. I was invited by as a guest at this event.

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