5 Reasons to Visit Thailand in Your 30s – A Guest Post by Dimitris

Meet Dimitris! He works for Movinhand, a recruitment platform that helps education professionals find work across the globe.  A fan of travel and especially, Thailand, Dimitris is here to tell us why we need to visit the ‘Land of Smiles’ once we are settled down and (perhaps) our wild partying days are behind us…


Thailand is a country that has expansive beaches and ancient temples in abundance. In Thailand you’ll find a tropical country that is ideal for every type of adventurer. No matter where you go, you’ll find plenty of activities for those who no longer have the desire to party like they did in their 20s; so here are five reasons why you should visit Thailand in your 30s:

1.) Yoga Retreats

(source – unsplash)

We spend much of our 30s making up for what we did in our 20s. I’m pretty sure this is why spas were invented; so we can detox! Thailand is home to a wide array of yoga retreats to help reduce stress and readjust; especially before heading back to your 9-5.  These spas are typically located on the shores of the many islands that dot around the gulf and seas of both sides of the country.

2.) Become a Gastronome


(source – unsplash)

By the age of 30 we’ve missed the chance to become astronauts, but we can sure as hell become gastronomes! Thailand is home to a predominantly island diet of fresh seafood, coconut, and delicious fresh drinks. You’ll be able to tour the islands and their fine selection of restaurants and try out typical Thai dishes such as Pad Thai, Gang Kiew Wan Kai (a green chicken curry), and Tom Yum Goong (spicy shrimp soup). What I love most about Thai cuisine is that you never have to worry about the cost of the food. It is always good value when compared to restaurants in Europe and the US.

3.) Everything is Cheap!

When we are in our 20s most of us have expendable income, and we don’t have our money tied down by a mortgage or children. This is not the case when we’re in our 30s, however, so spare cash might be tight. Nevertheless, don’t be put off from visiting Thailand as it is one of the cheapest countries you will ever visit. You don’t even need to live the backpacking life – sleeping in hostels with strangers or travel on unreliable public transport to enjoy this South East Asian marvel.  Even on a relatively low budget you will be able to live comfortably in hotels and take advantage of the range of tours and activities available.

4.) Enjoy the View from the Skybars

(source – Pinterest/craigpurcell)

If you happen to be in Bangkok it’s time to treat yourself. Nothing beats dressing up and drinking martinis with an incredible city view. Instead of drinking with the hardcore party-goers on the Khao San Road below; you can relax in the sophisticated ambiance of a skybar.  The skybars are all over Bangkok, but keep in mind they are going to be a little pricier than the rough and tumble of the streets below.  The Lebua Sky Bar is widely regarded as the best in the city.

5.) Sunbathe on a New Island Every Day

(source – unsplash)

One reason that people love Thailand is they are able to go island hopping. Thailand is home to dozens of islands and they are easy enough to get to by boat. When you’re not enjoying the gastronomic fare or detoxing, get your tan on at the beach. If that’s all too much and you get too hot, simply jump in the sea for a swim or even take a scuba diving class. Getting your scuba diving certification is very cost effective in Thailand and will only take a few days to complete. And, even if you don’t want to commit to that, you can always spend an afternoon snorkeling the reefs instead.

สวัสดี ครับ

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